Sep 10, 2012

Felt Padding

Back to Padding!!    In the "n s" picture below, I show an example of the under-padding. This is what it sounds like - the layer(s) of padding that is ,eamt to build up the padding.  It is intended to make a depth in certain areas.  Often, one might use many layers to get a ton of height although I use the one as the letters are too thin to use more. 
I just love the softness one affects by using felt padding. 
I have traced the drawing onto felt and then cut out each letter:

Here is a photo log of the top layer of padding:

Christa, LilyStitch


  1. Looking good, Christa - that padding is so fine I bet you'll be pleased when it's done!

  2. Beautiful work on the padding....very labor intensive but worth the effort!


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