Jan 9, 2012

Tree of Hope: Leaves

To begin work on the Tree of Hope (ToH), is to begin work on the leaves.  My choice for the leaves is to work them in mostly silk in horizontal layer.  Horizontal layer is a technique commonly used in Japanese Embroidery where the silk thread is laid in a satin stitch diagonally.  

My goal with the leaves is to create a shading effect for the light source to be in the top light of the design.  Below is a picture of an inspiration tree where the light source is similar to the effect I'm going for.  

My first leaves will be in my lightest shades of green in the top left corner and I'll work down, out, and to the right.  I'm also going to had in a bit of #1 gold metallics in a rust to help give the leaves a bit more of a rustic fee.  Here are the first leaves that I put in.  You will see these leaves develop in future posts.  

Next post, I'll explain my choice for the trunk and branches.

Christa, Lilystitch


  1. Bueatiful shades of green and I really like the coppery metallic that you have introduced to some of the leaves.

  2. You've made a good start on it - and I love the inspiration shot for the lighting!

  3. Mary MartinJanuary 10, 2012

    It's so beautiful! I've never worked with flat silks before, but this makes me want to. I need to clone myself - there is never enough time! :)


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