Oct 15, 2011

Tree of Promise Project

LilyStitch, Inc was started because I wanted to find a way to share, contribute, nurture, and grow the art that has enriched my life is so many ways.  Since inception, there have been many turns and twists… some planned for, others unexpected.  Over the last year, I have really contemplated what LilyStitch should do, how much time I can realistically devote to it, and the difference it can make.

Lily's Tree of Promise is all about what it can enrich others and where it can make a difference.  As the leaves turn colors and begin to drop off the trees, I've written tiny promises that I'm tucking away in my business task lists, project folders, and on MACyB (nickname for computer).

Thank you, thank all of the generous readers of this blog, supporters, and friends of LilyStitch.  Because of you, there will soon be so much to LilyStitch and I look forward to blossoming together.

Coming soon: Virtual Classes, Online Store (baby steps here), TONS of inspiration within the blog, and launch of the new web site.

So will there be a "Tree" project?  MANY!  But the first one, The Wishing Tree, will make her appearance very soon.  Also, I will continue the Gold Work series, finish MR's Fleur, and Nessie comes back just in time to haunt at Halloween!



  1. Wow Christa, what a wonderful tree: I find it just fantastic and I love it :-)
    Have a lovely week-end,

  2. It's very important when you are running a business to remember that it's not all of your life. Tucking those pieces of paper where you'll come across them in your working day should really help!


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