Oct 30, 2011

Cocoa Rants about new 'Site:

Hi Everyone!

I'm very sorry Momma has been ignoring all of you… actually, she's been ignoring everyone lately and just staring and clicking away on Mac-y-B (her 'puter).  This weekend started out well enough, we did go for a hike with those really nice Trail Dames who were really sweet with their great petting and sharing of the trail treats.  Are chocolate oat bars considered real trail food?

No sooner had we finished than she returned to that silly grey device with a monitor on it.  She's been working on the new site and forgetting that I need constant belly rubs and ball throwing.  NOT to mention that she also needs to be doing some blog posts on that glittery gold thread and doing some needlework.  Momma keeps mumbling stuff about HTML and SEO… It's all gobbly-gook and doesn't sound a thing like sit, shake, or "boom" (play dead)…   all the important stuff that leads to treats.

Anyway, she is very sorry and promises to be done with this site soon, full of lots of really cool stuff for you to enjoy.

Hope you had a great weekend!  As you can see - the leaves are changing colors and falling around here. Keep stitching.


Christa, Lilystitch


  1. Thank you very much Cocoa for these news about Christa :-))

  2. Hi Cocoa, boy. Have a belly rub for me - your Mum is busy doing *important things* but I'm sure she'll be back throwing the ball for you real soon!


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