Aug 4, 2011

Vacation Day 4: Cocoa's Update on Sake

Hi Everyone,

We are very, very busy hiking and going for creek swims but I wanted to do an update because apparently Mommy is WAY too busy being totally obsessed with Sake Boxes.  Along with a 4 mile hike and some ball throwing into the creek for me, Momma managed to do a whole chrysanthemum yesterday.  The yellow one:

She is working on a second yellow one this afternoon and the hope is to get that one done, too.  If so, I'll be sure to update you.

Quick picture of Cold Mountain from yesterday's hike.  Momma snapped from on top of a really tall fire tower that she didn't let me climb so I'm glad to know what she saw

Today's hike: below is the picture of Cat Gap Falls in the Pisgah National Forest:

See you soon! xo,

Christa,Lilystitch and

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  1. Hi Cocoa!
    Your Mummy is a very clever lady! A whole chrysanthemum in one day!


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