Aug 30, 2011

Falling off.. getting back on!

Well, I didn't really fall off of anything.  I just MOVED which means that my world had turned upside down and I'm just now getting it righted again.  Although I'm whining a bit, I did still manage to take a few days of vacation in the middle of it all so you were able to see the resulting posting on Sake Boxes.

Nothing new to report on Sake since vacation but I have been able to do a bit of work on Michele Robert's Fleur.  Two nights ago I put in two whole pieces of check pearl.

Last night I took them back out because I didn't like the slant then stitched in the rest and managed to do the section on top of the bottom right petal.  Both of these sections are worked in Bright Check which is a really thin and delicate gold wire that is wrapped into a small coil.  Basically, one measures the length needed of the Check.  Snips the Check in your gold work tray.  Run your needle through the center of the coil with waxed thread and then gently lay in the thread… not to tight, not too loose. Just right.

I'm just thrilled!  Progress!

I also pulled out MaggieB (my computer) and did a bit of designing.  Working on a quick to stitch project of a Tree of Life.  Excited that there is a three day weekend around the corner to focus on existing projects and new. Have a great week!

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