May 19, 2011

New Books Due Out

I have a problem, a VERY serious problem.  I am addicted to Needle Art books.  Really, I'm thinking I should call my Mother and tell her that I need to join some sort of help group.  This morning as I was reading my morning blogs (see column to right of blog), I was innocently reading "The Unbroken Thread" wonderful blog on silk flowers when I noted a couple of new books.  That is when my addiction reared its ugly head (and this wasn't the first time this week, either!) DOW!

So, I thought I'd enable my good stitching friends out there on some new books due out this summer or fall.

Here's the list and below are pictures that click through to Amazon for more information:

"Silk Shading" by Sarah Hamfray
"Needle Painting" by Trish Burr
"Stumpwork" by Kate Sinton
"Di Van Niekerk's Roses in Silk and Organza Ribbon" by Di Van Niekerk
"Goldwork Techniques, Projects, and Inspirations" by Hazel Everett

No affiliation with any of the authors other than I read Trish Burr's and Di van Niekerk's blogs religiously.  I have the blackwork book put out from The Royal School of Needlwork and it's excellent so I expect the silk shading and stumpwork to be the same.  Trish Burr's books and kits are always wonderful so that is a no brainer.  Di Van Niekerk's photography is amazing so that should be a fun one.  The only real unknown in this group is the Golwork techniques but if it's on Goldwork then it has to be in my library! :)

What an exciting time for knowledge on our art!

Christa,Lilystitch and


  1. May I entice you with another?

    I am sooooop tempted. . .

  2. Hi Lily,
    I found your blog because I looked at who was looking at my blog.
    And I'm really glad that I found you!

    Trish Burr and Di Van Niekirk are your Goddesses? And you just HAVE to have a new book on Goldwork?
    And your blog reading list is so similar to mine!

    Methinks we have a little in common!

    I didn't know about that goldwork book ... off to look at it now. I've added you to my blog reader list, and will read your whole blog - it looks very interesting. And you would have seem my comment on the Fleur De Lys (I went straight for that, because I love Fleur De (what is the plural of "Lys"? "Lyses" ? *LOL*)


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