Apr 13, 2011

Round Robin Stitching

Here's a fun way to tackle a project and break up the monotony of stitching large areas.  I call it "Round Robin" Stitching:

The basic premise is to work one length of fiber in the designated stitch in one area, then move on to the next, working a series of areas and then returning to the first.  This way, you mix up what you are doing and quickly complete your project.

For example, here is the Count of Needlemania (Needlepointers August, 2010) by JZCasey that I am currently stitching with my local ANG Guild, The Cahaba Lily Needlepointers:

I began with the hair and worked one thread:

Next, one strand of the Rayon for the red collar:

Then one strand of the Rayon for the bow tie:

Then, back to the beginning with the black hair fiber.

I find this really breaks up the monotony when stitching large areas AND it visually seems like more is getting done is a short amount of time.  There is no magic number to how many areas to stitch during one Stitching Round Robin - have fun with this - perhaps you should do 5 threads then reward yourself with a chocolate, 5 more then take the dog for a walk, and so on!

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  1. Great idea and keeps the progress without boredom setting in.

  2. Thank you, Pat! Im' glad you enjoyed this post. It's my favorite way to stitch.


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