Jan 14, 2011

Your Needle Art is Amazing!

It is!  I promise!

Do you doubt?  Then lets consider:
 a)  Importance b) Technique & Tradition c) Significance

Whom should your art be relevant to?  You, a loved one, the world? So often we define weather or not something is important by how others place a value on the thing.  I argue that we should first establish worth with personal merit.  Our art is important because it expresses and symbolizes elements of our unique human experiences.  Every piece that you create embodies a part of you …your creativity, choices, texture, colors, designs, interpretation, workmanship, and so on.

The resulting work then becomes art that others can judge and be inspired by. Yet, at the core, it remains an appreciable piece of your journey and self.  How amazing is that?

Your art is important! It's Consequential!

Technique & Tradition:
Are you doing it 'right'?  Right? Who says something is 'right'? The more I study, the more I read, the more I explore… the more I appreciate that the foundations for different techniques and stitches were developed due to someone's creativity which has been accepted, recorded, and then passed down as "the way to do it".   If one is entering a piece into competition or for evaluation, you should know the "rules" by which it will be judged.  If not,  (and I'd speculate that the majority of needle art will never be) then relax and enjoy it!  This is needle art.  Picasso's work was not considered "right" when he created it and now we know his painting, sculptures, etc as masterpieces.  Did he have the right credentials, education, lineage, or own an art store???  What made him "special"? … he made incredible and inspiring art, that's what.  Are you and your art any different?  It's not….

Your needle art is exceptional!  It's beautiful!
It is Amazing!  It is Significant! 

The cool-ness factor of needle art is really un-cool.  There is still a certain stigma to it that must be changed.  Ok, so grandma is fond of needles… gosh, it must be important if someone who has fewer days left than a 20-year old spends time on it.  That alone inspires me to pick them up and explore.  Then the real value begins when the beauty, the color, the inspiration begins to take hold to bring worth to our lives.  How bleak our lives would be without needle a-r-t?!?  Your work, your art, your spirit is so gorgeous.  It's inspirational.  It's precious.  You, YOU!, make our world a better place through your needle art.  Whatever the scale of your projects, choice of stitches, fibers, colors, ground fabric, design… you are the cornerstone of the beauty that your needle art brings to our world.  Therefore…

Your Needle Art is Amazing!
Pictures are of w.i.p.: "Twisted"
My interpretation of Twister, by Patricia Spencer

This piece was chosen for this post as I recognize that my color choices are not going to be popular nor is the design "liked" by everyone.  However, as a piece of art it is important…

Christa, Lilystitch
www.lilystitch.blogspot.com and www.lilystitch.com

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  1. Thank you for your inspiring "essay" on Needle ART. And I like your Twister/Twisted. Your colors aren't mine, but they are beautiful! I'm also working on Twister, using different colors. What fun to see the differences.


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