Dec 26, 2010

Giving Thanks to my Mom!

All year I've been ooogling over socks my Momma has been making up for friends and to be sold or gifted at charity events.   My sweet mother has the biggest heart.  She spends most of her precious stitching time making the most intricate, beautiful, soul-warming socks.  Christmas morning brought me one of the most precious gifts possible - a pair of my own!!!

As you can see, I have them on right now.  Actually, I put them on yesterday morning and they haven't left my feet since except to shower and run little Cocoa.  They actually feel better than they look and I'm so very Thankful Momma made them for me.  

Check out these great puppy scissors Momma gave me, too. 

They are from Hiya-Hiya and are really sharp.  Mom explained that they are just perfect for the outside of my stitching, travel bag because they have that great metal chain on it.  

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