Nov 22, 2010

Its the BEST Time of Year! (Cocoa Speaking)

Hi Peeps!

Momma is away on another of her busy-ness trips so I am taking over the keyboard today to update everyone.  Don't worry.  She'll be home in short order and will update you on all her weekend antics (what was she thinking on that Pi-cklace thing anyway?)

I'm busy gathering all of my bones, digging the socks out of the laundry bin, and stocking up on Benydril for our annual trip to the woods.  I LOVE this time of year.  I get to go and see the grands, which is fine.  Better is that I get to see my friends Rosie, Pavelov, Tye, and Jack.  'Course hanging out with all the neices and nephews is fun, too.  I hear we get to not only eat lots of marshmellows that drop off sticks by the bonfire but also go on a couple of hikes.  I can't wait!  I can't wait!

Momma will update you on the Turkey project
(all I gotta say is that there have been a can of spray paint, beads and swearing involved).

Happy Monday!

-- Cocoa

Christa Lilystitch and

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