Jul 9, 2010

LilyCompass I: Embroidery - Sapphire Post Delayed

Doesn't my work bench look so forlorn?  It's been two solid weeks since I've had the opportunity to sit and work.

   ..... BUT!  

                       The LilyPad* has officially been put on the market today and the majority of work is done.  (Exceptions include Garage and Closet clean outs. YUCK!).  The good news is that the sneak preview of stash sale items will also hit the market over the weekend.  Most likely Sunday.  Work is scheduled to resume on LilyCompass I this weekend so we should be good to go with continuing this tutorial Monday.

Next week I will also update on the "Garden" Sampler as this was just about all that I was able to do as well during this turmoil.

Nothing like good old fashioned paint-by-numbers stitching when one is exhausted.

(Cocoa sitting in front of freshly painted front door, happy that the work is done)

*LilyPad refers to the house that LilyStitch currently inhabits.  We're going to sell the existing and move on to swankier digs.

Christa, Lilystitch
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