Jul 26, 2010

Growing my Garden with Jane

Saturday afternoon I hit a really BIG wall.  I could do no more, go on no further.  So I did what any self respecting person does, I plopped into my arm chair and turned on the TV.

Lo and behold, Keira Knightly and that really hunky Matthew Macfayden lit up my screen with their wonderful version of Pride and Prejudice. (BTW, have you seen the first two episodes of The Pillars of the Earth w/ Mr Macfayden? Do! The book is fabulous, too).    

I took it as a sign.  A sign that I should enjoy a little bit of move-free, work-free, hassle-free time and pick up some needlework.  I poured a restorative glass of ice tea (no sugar, I am sweet enough, jk!).  What else would I pick up while watching Jane Austin?  Linen and silk fibers of course!  Out came my Garden sampler for a couple of wonderful hours.  OH, it was so good!  Here is where I left it:

Update: The LilyPad is moving locations to a temporary spot right across from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on August 21st.  Until then I will post periodic updates.  I look forward to picking back up the Compass I Tutorial no later than Friday, September 3rd if not sooner.  

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