Jun 25, 2010

LilyCompass I: Embroidery Emerald

LilyCompass I: Embroidery Emerald
Novel Effect: Shokko-nui

Foundation: 1.5 or 24 suga in Midori #82

Begin by placing gridlines at 3 mm in M #82 tt (tight twist).  Yes!  3 mm.  It's time to step up to a ton of gridlines worked close together. Use a fine ruler as one with thicker lines make it harder to accurately to put in the twisted silk so close together.  One could do less gridlines by placing the gridlines in at 6mm and double all measurements going forward; however, the size of the design will be MUCH larger.

Whew! I'm counting 62 little squares (partials included).  Tie down intersections with same 1:2 tt.

Twist 2:1 of M#82 - I created almost tt on the 2:1.  Lay the twist on the diagonal working top to bottom, right to left at every fourth intersection.

Tie down using 1:2 tt of M#82 where the 2:1 tw intersects (middle of squares).

Stitch squares of the boxes where the twisted threads intersect.  I'm using the JEC Metallic in Dk Green w Brown Japan Plu #2731.  An alternative is to use a slightly darker, 16 suga flat silk like M 84.

Last step: Twist silk 2:1 M #82 tt.  Stitch the outline of the boxes in between the satin stitch boxes.  To execute -- work the top line first coming up on the right and going down on the left.  Second, work the bottom line coming up on the right and going down on the left.  Third, work the right line coming up at the top and going down on the bottom. Lastly, working the left line by coming up on the top and going down on the bottom.

Monday - LilyCompass I: Embroidery Ruby

LilyPad Update:  Change is in the wind around the LilyPad. Those of you following the LilyStitch blog saw pictures of the kitchen renovation several months ago.  This is only one step in the journey to listing our house for sale.  We are very close and have contracted to put it on the market the week following the US holiday, July 4th.  Next weekend will be a very busy one preparing for that event so there may be a delay of a week or so on the smaller points, center, and Goldwork.  I'll keep you updated.

Have a great weekend!

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