Jun 17, 2010

Help the Gulf Coast: Etsy

Hey y'all,

Been really crazy around the lilypad.  Nothing to do with us, lilies.  Simply external forces that finacially support Lily aka WORK.  Which is great.  Just not so good when it comes to lily time to stitch and do all that including post.  I do hope to post as scheduled tomorrow but I'm running late.  I know, imaging that!

Almost 10 years ago my prince charming stood on the sugary-white beach of Navarre and pledged his love to me in our wedding vows.  In the past few weeks we have watched that coast be decimated and felt our hearts break for all that is lost.  Here's a great way for you to help out:


Our facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/helpthegulfcoastetsy 

Our blog - http://www.helpthegulfcoastetsy.blogspot.com

Our twitter - http://twitter.com/HelpGulfCoast

Christa, Lilystitch
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