May 12, 2010

Update from Cocoa

Hi!  I'm Cocoa, lover of all fibers at nose level or below. Momma asked that I let everyone know that she's ok.  I totally disagree... Momma hasn't taken me running or played ball today.  Phooey!  She's been in and out of the bathroom, smells like chemicals, threatened to paint the freckle off my nose, and has barely remembered to rub my ears when I put a paw on her lap....

This stinky situation began about a week ago when she started muttering something about not having time to put a design on fabric.  I offered to get out some paint and create a nice collage with my paws but that went over like dog sneeze.  Next thing I knew she had a frame, screen, and lots of stinky stuff that made me go "achew"!

This morning after our walk, Momma popped out of that bathroom and was all smiles .  When I finally got to look into our bathroom, this is what I found (Paws over eyes!):
I ran away as quick as I could with tail between my legs because it reminded me of something I see when I go to nice Dr. B. who fixes up my boo-boo's and gives shots on my bum.  Only it wasn't like that at all!  Turns out she has been figuring out how to make a screen for a screen printing.  She's going to use it to put a design on silk fabric for a class that's coming up over Memorial Day weekend (I'm going to Grandma S's for lots of pillow time and biscuits!).  What will this lady think of next?

Oh!  Have to add...  That black construction paper was really yummy to chew up.  It even made my tongue black.

Momma says to tune in later for a tutorial on how do this yourself on the cheap.  There's some sort of really expensive machine you can purchase but she's figured out how to do this without it.  Not sure when she'll have time.  Tonight, AFTER MY RUN, she has to finish painting these silk gauzy thingies that have a blue pointy design on it.  Apparently, we don't get to run tomorrow night because she's off to do the class with those nice EGA ladies who like to give me lots of treats.  She is around this weekend though...

Snif, Snif!

Cocoa, official doggy in the LilyStitch POND.... and


  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    Looking forward to hearing more about these adventures! That is a cute way to present the idea. Sandi

  2. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    Cocoa, you are one pretty dog. Keep up the good work. And please, no more black paper. It does nothing for your smile. Kathie

  3. AnonymousMay 13, 2010

    Big Sis, I think that you need to post the Pic of Cocoa with the Tennis Ball in her mouth that I have as your BBM Avatar. It is by far the second cutest dog in the world. (Mine is the cutest!)

    P.S. I think Clay feels left out......


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