May 24, 2010

New Project: Lily Compass I

Come along for a journey....  Over the next few weeks, please follow along as I explore the creation of a Mariner's compass in Paint, Embroidery, Needlepoint, and on Counted Ground.

My goal is to complete a full tutorial to use as reference and inspiration for Screen Printing.  Then I'll begin a new journey of embroidery using modern Japanese Embroidery techniques while doing a study of the same design on even weave Laguna and 18 ct Mono needlepoint canvas.  In the embroidery, you can bet that there will be Goldwork, Silkwork, and plenty of holding techniques.

The planning of the execution of the embroidery is underway as I write this post so I don't have many details yet but I will write about it in the blog stream.  I can tell you I've already gone down several paths less traveled so who knows where I will end.

Feel free to download the line drawing for your personal use to either replicate or do your own needle art.  Please come often, comment, and most importantly - find inspiration!

Want to skip putting your own design on silk fabric but would like the design?  Go on over to the LilyStore to purchase on cream silk fabric.

Blog post publishing schedule for "Lily Compass I":  Monday and Friday Afternoons (around 2 pm CST, USA).

Lily Compass I Project Topics:
  • Why care about screen printing? Screen printing on Fabric, Counted Linen, and Mono.
  • Screen Printing: Tools of the trade
  • Screen Printing: Design from paper to a screen
  • Lily Compass I: Design and Planning
  • Screen Printing:  Applying the design
  • Lily Compass I:  First Stitches
  • Lily Compass I: Continued, TBD...
Few notes on inspiration of this design.  I've always loved maps and have been drawn to really cool compasses.  I'm the sister to four brothers, all Boy Scouts, and the daughter/sister of a couple of naturalists or woodsfolk (you met Kermit earlier).  I grew up following trail maps and looking over strong shoulders to amazing maps.  To this day, my father adores exploring a well laid out map.

On a philosophical level, as I've grown older the importance of finding peace with my true north has led me down many paths.  As I've explored design and composition in needle art, I have often returned to Mariner's compasses.  With the Lily Compass I, I begin the journey of exploring these sophisticated and lovely spheres.  I hope you enjoy the trip.

Sneak peak of printing:

Christa Lilystitch and


  1. Sure that I will follow you!

  2. I'm very excited to starting a new journey with you and very interested to learn your printing technique.

  3. I am excited about this. I have been playing around with low-tech silkscreening for a year or so now. You can see some of it here: Not nearly as fine as what you are doing.


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