Apr 30, 2010

Men do STITCH!


Check out what the projects say that they are working on!  Just love the tongue and cheek humor in this add.  Hope you get a great laugh out of this then either schedule the exam (for you or your loved one depending on gender)!

(just love the football player on the bench)

Rosie Grier has been long associated with needlepoint and macrame.  In fact, he published a book in the 70's on needlepoint:

Other examples of guys that enjoy the needle arts:  Like Mr. Xstitch.  He's one of my favorite RSS/Blog rolls that I enjoy reading on a daily basis.  Don't forget Paul Newman was known to pick up needle and thread to do a little needlepointing from time to time...  Bet you can name some others...

Today, we get to enjoy the contributions from the likes of Raymond Crawford, Toni Minieri, Doug Kreinik, Kaffe Fassett, and the list really goes on.  I'm so glad to see a diversity of gentlemen enjoying the fine art of Needlework!
Christa Lilystitch
www.lilystitch.blogspot.com and www.lilystitch.com


  1. I'm always happy to hear of anyone, male or female, who has discovered the love of needlepoint! Although, a warning should be posted: Needlepoint is addictive...
    Happy Stitchin'...
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

  2. Your right, Carolyn. Although it is cheaper than therapy.


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