Mar 6, 2010

Travel Piece and and Blogs 4 U to Discover

Unfortunatly work is taking me away from my Japanese Embroidery frame for a few days.  I always have 2-3 "traveling pieces" to take with me on airplanes.  Everywhere I go, folks are always surprised by how easily and accepted taking along a WIP really is. 

First off - you can fly with scissors that are 4" and smaller.  I recommend taking along something cheap so that if they do get taken away then its is no big loss.  Next, take something that is easy. I love to take linen work that doesnt have to go on a frame (dont get me wrong, I LOVE frames, and this is the only time I dont use them).  Next, keep it simple - take some floss, twisted silk, etc so that you dont have to worry about laying the thread.  Lastly, you CAN do beads! You just need to travel with some sort of gizmo that keeps them contained.  My freind Judith at Needleworks showed me a CD case with a bead pad in it the other day and I will soon try that out.  Nothing worse then having a bunch of your seed beads go flying at 10,000 feet. 

So, here are some pictures taken with cell phone at airport (sorry for quality!).  To keep with the theme of this post I wanted to use what I normally travel with and I dont usually bring along the nice camera along with my carry ons as too much could happen to it when not on a holiday type of journey.  This is Emie Bishops' , of Cross and Patch, "Welcome".  32 count linen.  I just love doing the woven band around it.  Been working on it for well over 2 years now as the only time I really am dedicated to it is when I travel.

I thought I'd leave a couple of other blogs that I highly recommend for you to discover while I'm away:

Japanese Embroidery by Jane - as the name indicates she shares her journey of JE with all of us.

NeedleartNut -- Pat in NC is a beautiful embroiderer

Not your Grandmother's Needlepoint - Ruth Schmitz dazzles us with her work.

Nuts about Needlepoint - an essential part of any needleartist reading repetoir. 

Plays with Needles - check out the beaded bracelets.  Gorgeous!  Just received the pattern book on this and cant wait to give them a try.  Christa, step away from those beads!

Bluebird Notes - not a stitching site but check out the beautiful pictures and peoms

I plan to post again on Friday, 3/12, but check back in as I my have a couple of updates before then.  Off to Charlotte!  Hope it warms up from the 32 degrees it is right now....

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  1. Thank you for the info. I didn't know you could take scissors on a plane - I'll have to buy a small cheap set of scissors...
    Happy Stitchin'...
    An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

  2. I am behind in reading and just saw your mention! Thanks for the compliment!


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