Feb 16, 2010

The WIP Rotation

Late winter is especially a busy time for me, professionally and personally.  LilyStitch is going great guns and my idea book is filling up.  I'm looking forward to warm weather and lots of creative time designing as well as stitching.

For today's post I thought I'd share a bit of what is in my stitch rotation.  No worries - URU is still being worked on daily when I'm in town. I have several blog posts coming in the next few weeks but until then here is my WIP rotation.  There will also be many updates on Lily's charts and designs.

Let me explain a little about my rotation - I think there is really a couple of tiers: a) what I'm really jazzed about b) things I occasionally pick up c) ones that I've begun and are awaiting the day I rediscover them, and d) the retirement or someday stash.  All my friends have heard me say on more times than I'd like to admit that I'm investing in my retirement when I buy a "must have" design but have no aspirations to actually work on it any time or year soon.  Can you relate?

Up first -- "Twisted".  This is my interpretation of Twister.  Its a great design, lots of fun, and has great stitches involved.  I have chosen to do mine in some great reds and golds (silks of course).  Chose to change up the design a element and this is what you have.  BTW, this piece broke my heart a couple of years ago.  I had stitched the wrong colors in a couple of the "paths" for the umpteenth time and really was upset.  So angry that I took it off the stretcher and threw it in the back of a closet swearing I would never stitch on it again.  Well, it reemerged not too long ago after I saw so many beautiful renditions of it on the cyber-sphere. This is becoming my low-brain-power evening stitch project.  Picture before I did a thorough job of frogging (rip it, rip it).

Next up is a beautiful glove learning piece/cyber class by Thistle Threads.  This came to me about a week ago and I've just loved looking at the fibers.  Hope to begin this weekend, time permitting.

Lastly is a Sampler that I began last holiday and pick up when the need for great linen work is required.  On 40 ct using mostly Splendor silk.  This will be a slow project but I'm loving it.  BTW, this is one of three that are in the stash but really the only one that is in the a) category.

There is more, more, and more.  Over time I plan to post updates of these mainly but I'll sneak in others as well.

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