Feb 27, 2010

Today's Tassel Class

Today, I had the wonderful experience of taking a class on a technique that I knew very little about. Beading! I've beaded on canvas, silk gauze, and the like but never true beading before.

On the left are my first two attempts (close ups below).  The first, which is fininshed, is in golds, greens, and a varigated bead with dark green thread.  The second is in golds and blue with dark brown threads which I am making for my Mom. 

This is SO much fun.  Easy to do.  Very much like stitching needlepoint.  The charts are very simular and the threading is much the same.  My instructor, Clare, was so giving and an absolute delight.  You should see that box of tassels she pulled out - I wanted all of them!

My hope is that I'll steadily do a series of these over the next year to give as gifts for Christmas (So family & friends - now is the time to make a color request).  I'm looking forward to making bigger, fatter ones for around the house on furniture and lamps.  I've ordered a tassel book that PH recommended when she taught the needle case last summer which I expect to have lots of creative ideas. 

THE best part is that I took a great class and discovered a truly wonderful local shop that is full of energy and has a very giving, creative atmosphere - The Bead Biz.  It is an absolute must for anyone who wants to experience a wonderful afternoon in not just beading but NeedleArt.  There is a great little Coffee Shop/Restaurant, La Reunion, two blocks down where I enjoyed the Tomotoe, Basil, Mozzerella Panini and great Ice Tea two Saturdays in a row.  Laura, at BB, made it so easy to find various types of beads as well as made awesome suggestions so you know that I came home with a little stash as well.  I've not yet pulled those out but if time, I'll upload pictures of them tomorrow.

My only regret is that I will not be in town next weekend to go back and enjoy this quaint shop and restaurant again.  Perhaps it's time to get back to my first NA (needleart) love - Japanese Emberoidery and Needlepoint....

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning The Bead Biz in your blog. That was such a great group in that class. Everyone was so talented. I hope you get to come back and spend some time with us again real soon.

  2. Beautiful tassels. You know that there is no turning back now that you have fallen for the charmes of beads, don't you?

    What thread did you use for the tassels? They look very silky.

  3. Thank you! Beads have always been an attraction but my true love will always be Japanese Embroidery. The thread is nylon 40 weight - the least expensive one can find.


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