Jan 31, 2010

Fan Cloud - Three Dimensional Effect

For the cloud on the fan I chose a to keep with the theme of being a challenge piece and something with techniques that I have not attempted before. A Novel Effect that I have not worked before is the 3D effect.

I just love that I can use a couple of colors unique to the piece in varying values. In this case, I chose to go darkest to lightest in pink plus add a green and variegated #1 metallic.

In studying for this technique I read through several sources for instruction. They all state that I must measure the original lines very accurately.  So, initially I thought the best way to do so was to put in some guidelines on the warp/weft at exactly 8 mm.  Because the stitched grid would actually be perpendicular it seemed like a great idea until I began to stitch - I quickly realized that the guidelines was making this technique too cumbersome so out they came.

Next I put in the darkest of pinks that I intended to use.  Measuring accurately with my handy ruler.

Second set of lines were going to be in a complimentary green, one shade lighter.  Notice there is no ruler in this picture...

All instructions state simply that I will build each set of lines based on the set before.  Simple enough and off I went.  When I hit the fourth set of grid lines the lines became a little bit, shall we say, off....?  Ah well!  This is a challenge piece.  I did take out some of those that were the most distracting but I have to confess that I chose at this moment not be a complete perfectionist on this piece and would exercise my artistic choice here by not completely correcting.  Below are shots of the final cloud.  In the future I will make sure to use my ruler to make sure all lines are going in at the proper direction and measurement.

A few more notes:
a) You'll notice that I did not fill the entire pattern in with silk but left open windows open.  I have to thank my good friend, J-son, whom suggested this and used this technique in stitching her butterflies.
b) The final metallic layer is a wonderful variegated JEC #1 metallic.  This was great fun and I hope the colors come through.

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