Nov 11, 2009

Been Too Long!

Hello fellow Stitchin Fingers members! Sorry to have been away from posting to my blog for a little while. One of my favorite sayings is "Life gets in the way of your plans" and that has certainly been true for me. Nothing too exciting to tell other my career has kept me very busy these past weeks with lots of travel. Now that the holidays are near things are calming down and I'm looking forward to getting back to JE stitching.

I should interrupt myself here and explain that there was one really exciting thing that happened - I was able slip in gold leaf class from Midori in Houston a few weeks back. It was terrific and I highly recommend it to anyone as a way to spruce up your non phase JE pieces. Here is a picture of my piece as of this morning.

There about 5 - 10 more small cherry blossoms plus the stems and leaves to be done. Then, I'll send it off to be finished as a real fan. My plan is to display it in a clasped shadow box that may be opened.

So - Ume! Can't wait to get back to her in a week or so once the fan stitching is complete. My fingers are just itching to begin on the long and short blossoms and warbler.

How is your challenge piece going? This group has been quiet for a while so I'd love to hear what everyone is up to

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